John Wesley was the founder of Methodism. In 1890 the church took over the Mico school with Thomas Doddridge Gordon as Head Teacher.  This school building was known as Wesley Hall next to the church on Chisel Street.  In 1951, the Primary section was moved to a new building on Darling Road named TD Gordon Memorial Methodist Primary School.  In 1962 the infant school was erected on the same compound. In 1995 the Methodist Infant School was renamed Alix Walcott Methodist School in honour of Mrs. Alix Walcott, the first Head teacher and mother of Honourable Derek Walcott.

In 2002, the TD Gordon Memorial Methodist Primary School and the Alix Walcott Methodist School were amalgamated to form one school renamed the Gordon & Walcott Memorial Methodist School. The school is still located on Darling Road.